3 Ways to Effectively Fight for Custody of Your Children

Child Custody in AlbuquerqueA divorce process can already be stressful on its own, but it gets even worse if you have kids together. You also need to undergo a child custody battle if both parents want to fight for the sole or joint custody of their children. When this happens, the final decision will be left in the hands of the judge. Determining who deserves to have custody of your children can be a long process. Here are some things the court takes into account to make the right decision.


You must present all documents that prove you are more capable than your ex-spouse to have custody of your children. This means proving that you have the time to take care of your kids, especially if they are still minors. You must also demonstrate your capacity to provide for your children’s needs even if the other party needs to pay child support. Better hire a credible and experienced child custody attorney in Albuquerque to help you collect all necessary documents to prove your case in court.

Better Parent Standard

The “Better Parent” standard is an evaluation process that the court uses to determine which parent deserves custody of their children more. To earn this, you must familiarize yourself with child custody laws and show the court that you have your children’s best interests in mind. The better parent standard is commonly used when both parties want sole custody of their kids.

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Appropriate Court Etiquette

Even if you prove that you have the financial capacity to take care of your children, you may still lose your case if you don’t follow proper court etiquette. How you behave in court says so much about you and greatly affects the judge’s decision. You better dress well, be courteous to everyone and speak in a gentle and calm manner when in court no matter how stressful it gets.

Make sure you follow these tips and do your best to earn custody of your children after a divorce.