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4 Steps to a Smoother U.S. Visa Interview

Many U.S. Visa applicants today are having a hard time when it comes to interviews. This is one of the reasons people are considering hiring a legal counsel.

Fortunately, there are now immigration lawyers in Utah who offer free consultation services. While having an attorney can be a big help, there are other things you need to work on.  Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. shares this guide to keep you on the right track.

STEP 1: Book an Appointment and Complete the Medical Exam

All applicants must have a medical certificate from an authorized physician. Take note that doctors should be embassy-approved, as well. Certain vaccination shots should be completed before the interview date.

STEP 2: Look for Legitimate Courier Services

The U.S. embassies may require applicants to register for courier services. This is for returning your documents once you passed your interview. Ask about the requirements from the consular office. Other sections may have a different process and security requirements.

STEP 3: Check Your Documents for the Interview

Some of the standard requirements for the interview include photographs, original and updated copies of civil documents submitted to NVC, financial documents from the petitioner, or the sponsorship letter from employers or universities.

STEP 4: Set an Appointment with Your Lawyer

Working with an immigration lawyer is a big advantage when applying for a U.S. visa. A legal professional can help you prepare for the interview and can give you some pointers on how to answer the questions and impress the interviewer. Before the interview date, be sure to contact your lawyer.

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Important Reminders

It is advisable to prepare your documents as early as possible to avoid delays and to have more time to review some interview questions. In addition, take note of the interview date. Mark your calendar and be sure to be there 15 minutes earlier.

Following the steps above will make the visa application process run smoothly. When you get your VISA, don’t forget to check the validity date and follow the terms and conditions to avoid legal problems.