4 Ways to Enjoy a Lucrative Salary as a Paralegal

woman studying law The rising pay is one of the biggest reasons the paralegal profession has become a more attractive career. However, you would have to pay your dues first before making a serious amount of money in the legal field. While paralegal salaries are always negotiable, you need a sound strategy right from the start to shorten the path you need to travel toward having a rewarding working experience.

Use these four tips to put yourself in a favorable position to negotiate for a high paralegal salary with less time:

Get a good education.

First things first: apply for an accredited paralegal degree online. Look for a long-term program to get the education you need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the law. They may be online courses, but programs designed in conjunction with prestigious colleges and universities across the country can provide adequate legal training.

Embrace technology.

As a 21st-century paralegal, mastery of modern technology is a non-negotiable requirement for career growth. In many cases, paralegals are expected to be the tech-savviest member of the legal team. You must have an excellent command of different social networks, e-discovery, and cloud-based tools.

Don’t charge for work.

Doing pro bono work may not seem enticing, but it can expand your horizons and beef up your resume rather quickly. If you struggle to get hired as a fresh graduate, this is a great chance to put your legal training into practice and keep yourself busy to avoid being “rusty.” Plus, pro bono work comes with many intangibles, including providing legal assistance to people in need, such as victims of domestic violence and low-income senior citizens.

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Choose the corporate world.

When it comes to specialties, the corporate field tends to have the greenest pastures. Surveys say corporate paralegals register the highest salary increases with handsome bonuses. This is especially true for paralegals working on the western side of the country.

High-income paralegals didn’t discover success overnight. But many of them made use of their time smartly and made clever decisions from the beginning to bolster their credentials more quickly than usual.