A signing a Divorce Agreement

Alternatives to Full Representation in a Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you can hire a lawyer to represent you fully. In this case, they take over everything, and they bill you at the end, or as per your agreement. If you do not want to take this route and are wondering whether there are other options, you should know that there are.

You can hire a divorce attorney in Denver, Colorado, for less than full services. That said, below are some of three ways lawyers can partially represent you.

Consulting attorney

In this case, the lawyer works in the background. You hire them to carry out different responsibilities, such as answer whatever specific questions you might have or give the objective opinion. For instance, if you want to find out if you have to file an absent parent claim, they will advise you accordingly.

A consulting attorney will also draft paperwork and other documents that require you to sign and oversee any other legal responsibilities on your behalf. They will not, however, appear in court as official counsel.

Limited-scope representation

Sometimes consulting attorneys are confused with limited-scope representation, but there is a difference. Limited-scope attorneys do not just consult. They also handle other parts of the divorce case, such as child custody.

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They could, for example, only tackle the settlement negotiations or only the pre-custodial hearings and so forth. If you hire one of these, you are taking responsibility for the other aspects of your case.


There are times it is difficult for divorcing spouses to work together. They bicker and argue and barely get anything done. In these situations, it is advisable to hire a mediator who will help them resolve the contested issues. Mediators don’t represent anyone or give advice per se; they try to get the process done in a less argumentative way.

In a divorce, it is crucial to know your options so that you do not end up spending more than you need to. It can also save time as you will delegate to a more capable professional all the aspects of the case that you cannot do yourself. This way, you at least get it done.