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Benefits of Sole Physical Custody Arrangement

Child custody is a subjective dispute between two parents. In most cases, both parents believe they are the better one to take care of their children. As such, they often want the sole custody.

A parent may choose to consult a competent child custody lawyer from a law firm in Lynnwood with a proven track record. A family law attorney can help parents understand what sole custody would entail and file a custody case.

Learn the advantages of sole physical custody and see why parents choose this over a joint custody arrangement.

Children’s belongings are kept intact in one place

In a joint physical custody, there is a schedule wherein the children stay with one parent for a set number of days before residing with the other parent. The schedule may vary, for example, the children would stay with one parent from Monday to Thursday and then stay with the other parent from Friday to Sunday. Another setup is parents divide a year and the children would live with one parent for the first six months.

In a sole physical custody arrangement, the children do not need to pack up their things because they reside with just one parent in one house. Their possessions are kept in one place.

It makes it easy for children to adjust

Because the children live with one parent, they will not need to adjust to different environments as they grow up. They can continue attending the same school and will not be separated suddenly from friends.

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Court ruling often lets the children stay in the same residence they live in before their parents’ divorce. In the perspective of the court, this decision considers the welfare of the child. It lessens the child’s disruption and separation anxiety.

Non-custodial parent can still visit

Sole physical custody does not mean only one parent can be with the child. The court may give the non-custodial parent visitation rights. This way, the child will still grow up establishing a bond with both parents.

Visitation rights should be comprehensive, so both parents know their limitations and the allowable actions. Sometimes, parents compromise more to give the wishes of their children regarding visiting schedules. Parents should always remember their children are more important than their personal differences.