Child Custody

Britney Spears’ and Halle Berry’s Battle for Child Custody

When the ties that bind family unravel, it’s usually the children who suffer the most. Here are some of the nastiest custody battles among celebrity couples:

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

It was only after a four-hour stand-off with the police that Britney Spears gave up her kids one January night in 2007. This drama transpired after Spears lost the custody battle with her ex, backup dancer and model, Kevin Federline.

The phenomenal pop star was in a bad place emotionally and mentally due to anxiety and was found to be under the influence of an unknown substance the night the police came to take her sons, Sean and Jayden. The courts consequently found her unfit to be the boys’ primary caregiver.

What’s worse, Federline’s pleas for greater child support have severely strained his relations with Spears. The ex-couple are reportedly speaking through their lawyers and nothing more. On a more positive note, Spears has learned to put her mental health first before her career, taking breaks from the limelight if she has to.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Custody of their child Nahla is split 50/50, but the drama on child support has gotten really nasty all the same. So bad that in 2012, French actor and Berry’s husband, Oliver Martinez, got into an altercation with Berry’s ex Aubry. The former left the latter with head injuries and broken ribs.

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Berry has been trying to reduce child support for Nahla, arguing that Aubry is fit to work and make a living. The courts didn’t agree though and ordered Berry to pay her ex $16,000 a month in child support. Despite the court ruling, Aubry, a Canadian model, has been publicly criticized for demanding so much from Berry considering he cares for their daughter only half of the time.

There’s much about family law that laymen find difficult to grasp. If you are going through the same crisis, it is best to consult a child custody attorney here in Marysville. Your goal should be to arrive at the best possible outcome for yourself as a parent without causing emotional and mental distress on the children caught in the middle.