Letting go

Calling it Quits After 50: Making Gray Divorce Less Stressful

Letting goThe overall divorce rate in the country has dropped since 1990, but it has increased for those who are over 50 years old. According to research, divorce statistics for those 50 and older have doubled over the past two decades. Be that as it may, reasons for older couples are far less dramatic compared to their middle-aged counterparts. Some couples simply dismiss it by saying their issues have intensified or that they simply grew apart.

Divorce after 50, however, presents more challenges compared to separations earlier on in the marriage. The process at this age can be quite difficult, as both of you attempt to split up emotionally and financially. Preparing for the challenges ahead is important to make the process less stressful. This is true whether you live in New York, California, or Florida.

Cooperation From Both Parties

Divorce at this stage requires cooperation from both parties. Divorce lawyers from Long Island say that this will minimize conflict and makes it so that no party is left out in the cold financially. Deciding to split up or separate should always be followed up with taking all necessary steps to make sure that everyone is okay.

Think About Your Finances

Some of your goals and desires may be difficult to achieve after splitting or dividing shared retirement savings with your ex-spouse. Make sure to reexamine your ideas about retirement from a financial and emotional standpoint. If you can’t afford to fulfill your plans, don’t be afraid to change it. Just make sure to be realistic in funding your goals.

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Get Retirement Savings Back on Track

Determine how your existing lifestyle or future goals may be modified in your new situation. Consider the compromises or the things you are willing to do now to save more for your retirement. It can be beneficial to work with a financial professional to help get your savings back on track.

Realize that Grown-up Kids Might Take it Hard

Divorce is never easy even if your kids are grown up. Other than dealing with the pain of divorce, your adult children may suffer a series of losses. The consequence of divorce can keep reverberating over the years in family events like weddings, graduations, and other special occasions. Caring for a parent will also likely become responsibility of the children, and not the spouse.

Think more about your future focusing on your past relationship and loss. Divorce can be an opportunity to build a new life and regain the happiness you deserve. As for the legal and financial matters, hiring lawyers can help you get through the complicated process.