robbery in progress

Charged with Robbery? Get a Lawyer Immediately

Robbery is a felony under California law, so anyone charged with robbery should seek legal representation from an experienced attorney. Lawyers can work on a defense to help clients get the best possible outcome.

Robbery is taking property from another person or from his immediate environment, against his will and through the use of force or by causing fear. The Law Office Of Troy P. Owens, Jr notes that it is defined under penal code 211 PC. Examples could include breaking into a house when the residents are still inside the house and threatening to harm them to steal their possessions, being caught exiting a person’s property with items belonging to them, pick-pocketing a passenger or pedestrian, or robbing someone directly from an ATM.

Penalties for the Crime of Robbery

If convicted, a first-degree robbery or home invasion (entering a home while it is inhabited) carries a sentence of between three and nine years in prison. Second-degree robbery (burglary from an uninhabited building) carries a sentence of three to five years.

Quality Defense Against Robbery Charges

A robbery lawyer can help clients protect themselves against charges. Possible defense arguments may include:

False Accusations of Theft – An angry ex, disgruntled neighbor, or jealous friend could have made up the whole scenario. False accusations are not uncommon and a defense attorney might have worked with similar cases before. They can interview people, gather supporting evidence, and help present the truth to court.

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Mistaken Identity – Witnesses may have mistakenly identified the client as being present at the scene.

Misunderstanding – The client may have believed that they could enter the property, for example, if they were entering an ex-rental property to retrieve items a landlord refused to return.

No Use of Force or Intimidation – If the property was unlocked and required no force to enter, they were invited in, and they didn’t use fear to steal, the charges may be reduced.

People who have criminal charges levied against them for burglary or robbery and may be able to reduce their penalties or get charges dismissed with the help of robbery defense attorneys. It is important to hire a lawyer immediately to get professional and legal assistance on the case.