a couple seeking divorce

Divorce: Making it Beneficial for Everyone

The dissolution of a marriage is a time-consuming and expensive activity that would take a toll on you physically and emotionally. The most critical variable lies in your ability to put aside differences and cooperate with your partner in finding solutions when it comes to your children and property. The following are the most common ways couples resolve their problems when divorce seems inevitable.


In a divorce mediation, the soon to be ex-spouses work with a mediator. This is a neutral party who assists them with finding a mutually beneficial agreement that touches all the important aspects of their marriage. While the mediator could be a lawyer or even a family counselor, a solicitor is often preferred due to their proficiency in divorce law and family law matters. For instance, hiring a knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Kent for divorce mediation purposes will ensure that your children’s best interests are the main focus during your marriage dissolution.

Uncontested Divorce

This type of divorce occurs when both spouses are able to mutually agree to end their marriage. If both spouses can reach an amicable agreement on issues like alimony, child custody and the division of marital assets, the court will find no cause to interfere. While uncontested divorces are often quick and expedient, they usually lead to people surrendering rights they didn’t even know they possessed. For instance, you might not know your entitlement when it comes to the division of real estate and retirement benefits among other sources of revenue. It is, therefore, prudent to consult with experienced divorce lawyers even if you are on good terms with your soon to be ex-spouse.

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Legal Separation

This is not a divorce, but it could be a prelude for a couple to agree to a divorce. A legal separation occurs between spouses who want a trial separation or require more time for arranging their finances and settling other issues like child custody and alimony. In this case, the spouses are allowed to live apart. They could agree to continue with the divorce or may agree to fix their marriage. The concerned spouses can live separately for a couple of years until the court calls them to finalize their divorce.

Working together with your spouse during such a time and making mutually beneficial decisions will have a beneficial impact on your children and finances. A divorce lawyer will help you ensure that your rights as a parent and as a spouse will be honored too.