Couple in Custody Battle

Don’t Let Unruly Conduct Cost You a Custody Battle

There’s no denying that custody battle is a most painful affair while undergoing a divorce, notes a child custody lawyer in Lynnwood. It comes as a double whammy of losing both your spouse and the kids.

The resultant pain can drive you to engage in unruly conduct that could ruin any chances of success.

Don’t lose your cool

Of course, you’re livid, as the one whom you thought was a partner for life is not only leaving, but also planning to take the kids. And so it seems only fair to let them know how angry it makes you in a series of angry texts and incensed emails.

That doesn’t seem to drive the point home, so you follow up a few angry phone calls with more curse words than a sailor’s drawl. Still, that doesn’t seem to cut it. So, you show up at the house, to give them a piece of your mind. A confrontation ensues, and the neighbors call the police.

You spent the night in custody and made bail in the morning. Your ex-spouse keeps a cool head, records all these incidents and adduces them as evidence before the judge. With one masterstroke, you have painted yourself as an unfit parent.

Don’t talk back at the judge

You’re in a tussle for your kids, and the judge doesn’t seem to share your convictions about being a responsible parent. Undoubtedly, this incenses you. And so you talk back at the judge and disregard anything and everything the court orders.

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Sure, it’ll feel go at that moment, but with another masterstroke, you’ll have ruined your credibility. As if it not enough to lose the case, you are likely to incur a contempt of court charge. Such charges could see you saddled with unfavorable custody terms.

Your conduct while fighting a custody battle for your little one determines the outcome of the legal proceedings. Unruly behavior not only loses you the battle but also lowers the amount of contact you’ll have with children.