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Elements That Determine the Timeframe of Your Car Accident’s Settlement Case

Being injured in an accident is devastating. It comes with substantial medical expenses and trauma, both of which can take a toll on your life. It is justifiable that you get compensation for the injuries and losses you sustained.

Most people are discouraged from seeking compensation because of the long time that it takes to get it. In most instances, unreasonably lengthy auto accidents are DIY ventures. An experienced auto accident law firm in Lynnwood is well-equipped to help you with your claim. Feldman & Lee PS cites some of the elements that will influence the timeframe of your case’s settlement.

The Legal and Factual Difficulties of Your Case

To get fair compensation, your lawyer must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you deserve it. The complexities involved in establishing your case will play a significant role in your case’s timeframe. Having the medical reports and evidence to help you defend your claim can go a long way in reducing the time you need to wait for the settlement.

Your Case’s Potential Monetary Value

The length of cases that involve substantial settlements typically increases. This is because insurance lawyers use every possible strategy to reduce your settlement and there might be several countersuits filed. It will also take some time to investigate all details of your case to justify the vast compensation.

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Your Recovery Period

Determining the exact amount of your medical expenses before you fully recover might be difficult. Your attorney might advise you to wait until you recover to determine your medical expenses. At this time, your doctor will also determine the long-term effects of your accident and any future medical costs.

The adage ‘good things come to the patient’ could not be more accurate than in auto accident settlement. Time should not be a hindrance to your pursuit of justice. With a good lawyer, you can increase your chances of getting a favorable settlement regardless of how long it takes. Your compensation will be worth the wait.