Facing a Miserable Marriage: Why It’s Better to Get a Divorce than Stay

You woke up one day feeling confused on what went wrong. Seeing the person lying next to you, you’ve suddenly realized that the feelings are gone and you couldn’t just get them back.

argumentMany couples in the U.S. do not want to stay in a loveless, unfulfilling, and destructive marriage. Instead of telling themselves that happily ever after isn’t just a fairytale or watching re-runs of “Sweet Home Alabama” or “The Wedding Planner,” they have acknowledged that divorce was inevitable.

When kids are involved, however, there’s a difficult question that comes in every parent’s mind: Should they get a divorce or stay married for the children? This article lists down the reasons some adult children claim it’s better for parents to separate than stay in an unhappy marriage.

Heated Arguments are Stressful

When couples no longer care for each other, they tend to argue regularly – even on small things. There would always be feelings of anger and frustration. But, it could have a big impact on the children. Most of them wish their parents would get a divorce, as it’s way too stressful to deal with the drama and fights every day. San Francisco divorce lawyers note that even the strongest relationships could shatter due to infidelity, financial issues, and individual differences.

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Transferring Anger onto Kids is Frustrating

In an already loveless marriage, some parents take out their anger and frustration toward their spouse on children. That, however, could send a message that couples only endure staying together for the sake of the kids.

Adapting to Changes Isn’t Hard

Many parents think that divorcing would be difficult for kids. That means new home, new friends, new neighbors, and new school. But, most adult children argue that spending time with each of them separately is not as hard as most parents think.

The decision to file for divorce, without argument, is one of the most emotionally draining experience parents will probably face. Unhappy parent should always think about what’s best for their children.