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Factors That May Keep You From Obtaining Your Green Card

While hundreds of thousands of individuals obtain green cards every year, many applicants still fail to get one due to a variety of reasons.

Some are unable to gather all the application requirements while other have no basis for eligibility under immigration laws. Meanwhile, some are technically eligible, but they’re not able to get their green card in Utah or any other state because of an isolated reason for inadmissibility.

Inadmissibility Factor

It doesn’t matter if you pass all the classifications of eligibility to get a green card. You still have to prove that you aren’t inadmissible to the country. This means you aren’t a threat to the American society in terms of criminal, immigration violation, health, security, and financial grounds.

Even those who are quite ordinary can be considered inadmissible, meaning terrorists and criminals aren’t the only ones who need to worry. For instance, those who hide or don’t include an important information in their application, such as overstaying a visa and having tuberculosis and family sponsors without enough funds, can be found inadmissible.

Errors or Difficulties in the Application

green card application includes accomplishing and arranging plenty of paperwork. Some individuals ruin their chances of obtaining a green card by failing to follow the instructions, pay the right fees, or complete the forms. The immigration authorities will typically send these back for correction, which leads to delays and even denials if applicants don’t send it back on time. There are even cases where contradictions in signing the forms could make the authorities assume that the applicant is not credible or lying.

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Applying for a green card won’t be easy for anybody. The law is complex and the paperwork will be difficult to handle. To ensure a smoother process, it’s better to get the assistance of an immigration attorney throughout the application.