Man investigating the crime scene

From Viewer to Solver: Crime Scene Investigation in Real Life

The number of shows revolving around crime scene investigation through the years is a testament to the big interest in how crimes are solved. People want to know how forensics helps identify the murderer through a series of tests; they hang in for every mention of laws they think they could apply in real life scenarios.

Some people want to do more than just watch shows to get morsels of information. They want to study the course and practice it in real life.

Crimes and Courses A-plenty

Netflix’s Mindhunter is just one of the latest shows that center around the FBI. There are also several seasons of CSI and Criminal Minds to educate the casual viewers. For those who want to make a career out of solving crimes, online criminal investigation courses answer most of the basic and advanced questions you may have. The courses will give you a certification, unlike shows that only give you bragging rights and possibly inaccurate information.

Procedures Change Over Time

Procedural shows take you through a series of actions that lead to the discovery of evidence and the eventual handcuffing of the culprit. In real life, however, you need to be updated with the latest forensic procedures that help prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Prosecutors need to prove that a suspect has done what he is being accused of, and a series of evidence will be needed for this.

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Sometimes a DNA test may suffice, but in more complicated cases, you may need to reconstruct the scene using software. Some cases may also remain unsolved for years because the technology has not advanced enough to come up with the tests needed. Imagine all the cases decades ago that could easily be solved with the help of forensic science today.

It’s pretty brave to want to help solve crimes. To get started in this career, stock up on information that will help you become an adept investigator.