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How Do Twins, Triplets, and Multiples Affect Divorce Rates?

A lot of marriages in the US end. For some, the emotional and financial demands of divorce are better than investing time in a relationship that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

It can be more complex when there are kids involved. If divorce is inevitable, the parents should be able to answer these questions: who will take care of the kids? What happens to their lives after? What if they don’t want to relocate to a big city from the familiar suburbs of their early childhood years? Divorce lawyers in Suffolk County can help with these legal matters and decision-making.

When discussing divorce, the children are often the receiving end, the victim in the domestic conflict. But what if they are the cause?

Postpartum Depression

Following childbirth, mothers may experience depression. For mothers of multiples, the rate of postpartum depression is higher. There are studies that show depression can lead to marriage problems. This is because a postpartum mother with depression tends to communicate less, and gives less time to her partner, which may lead to marital dissatisfaction.

Extra Responsibility

Who would have thought that twins, triplets, and multiples are linked to parental divorce? Childbirth often disrupts a couple’s relationship. All attention turns to the baby – and less for partners. Imagine having to take care of two or more kids simultaneously. More kids require more time for diaper changing, feeding, and tucking in. Consequently, the couple is less likely to find time for each other. Less time for the partner may result in infidelity.

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Possible Money Problems

Newborn babies are high-maintenance – what with formula, vitamins, and regular pediatric visits. The cost doubles or triples for multiples. More expenses urge parents to work extra hard. But, it’s a double-edged sword. The more time a person has for work, the less time he or she has for the family.

On the other hand, one of the parents has to give up his or her career for the kids. Unemployment means less income, while for some, it means lower self-esteem. Financial issues and discontent brought by idleness can lead to marriage failure, as well.

This is not to say that multiples are bad for marriages – they are not. In fact, if all works out, having multiples in the family means more joy. The more the merrier, right? To make everything work, however, parents of twins, triplets, or more should find time for themselves, too. They need as much love and support from each other as their kids do.