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How Much Should You Pay for Divorce?

The average cost to undo a marriage in the U.S. can easily set you back with $215 on average just to file for a divorce, while a lawyer’s fees may cost at least $10,180.

If you filed for a divorce in Colorado, finding a good divorce attorney from Colorado Springs-based firms such as the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. One way to reduce your expenses may involve a payment plan with your lawyer.

Flexible Options

Some lawyers may be willing to accept payments on an installment basis after you settle their full retainer up front. Others may take a flat rate based per month or on the estimated timeline of the divorce settlement. It’s up to you which one would suit your financial budget.

If you earn a smaller income than your spouse, it’s best to seek a court order that requires your partner to cover your attorney’s fees. This can be tricky, however, since not everyone will be willing or even happy to pay for their soon-to-be ex’s legal expenses. On the other hand, if both parties are seemingly okay with each other, an uncontested divorce may be the cheapest option for a couple.

Mediated Assistance

Legal assistance will still be necessary even with an uncontested divorce, although it significantly costs less because there is no need for court proceedings. You and your spouse may spend between $2,500 and $5,000 for paying lawyers, accountants and actuaries to handle all the required paperwork.

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Each state has a different waiting period, so you can expect the divorce to be final as soon as the period is over. Take note that a judge will have to approve the settlement and the final divorce papers.

Divorce is a costly affair and no matter which route you take, it will require you to spend money. Hence, finding a good lawyer will be important to make sure you will still have a financial leg to stand on post-divorce.