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Important Marital Assets for Divorcing Couples

Family Law in Orlando SpringsOne of the most important and most tedious parts of a divorce is the division of marital property. Most couples have complex financial portfolios that include many kinds of assets and properties. Divide each of them equally and don’t forget to consider the following.

Employer Benefits

Employer benefits include benefits you have received from a previous job/s, including stock options, restriction stocks, retirement accounts, and deferred compensation plans. Make sure to check these from your previous employer as to prevent confusion in regards to marital assets.

Cemetery Plots

If you and your ex-partner have a cemetery plot investment, don’t forget to consider them too. Given that you’re divorcing, it’s unlikely that you still want a burial by his side. Negotiate this asset as cemetery plots have significant value as well.

 Club Memberships

Maybe you both tried membership golfing before or have an investment on your village’s by-member-only-clubhouse. Go back to all club memberships you and your ex-partner belong to and determine which ones are important and have significant value. According to an attorney specializing in family law in Orlando Springs, memberships also have corresponding worth, which you can benefit from even after a divorce.

Collections and Memorabilia

It’s true that collections — especially antiques — gain interest and value over time. However, since you are divorcing, any collection or memorabilia which you and your ex-partner share must also split. Think about the things you have in storage or objects on display in your home. Determine which are yours and which you should let go. In addition, if an item is part of your homeowner’s policy, it’s important to include it in your homeowner’s insurance policy, too.

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Pets are part of the family and they are important considerations when going through a divorce. Divorce laws may treat them as property so to be more civil, talk to your ex-partner about this. If you both decide to consider divorce laws, then the person with a more flexible schedule will most likely receive pet custody.

Going through a divorce is difficult but one must remain strong and smart. Get the assets you rightfully deserve and make sure to seek the help of a lawyer when doing so.