In Pain and in Denial: When the Doctor Insists It’s All in Your Head

CRPS Attorney in Los AngelesComplex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is already painful in itself. The case, however, is more painful when you know you could’ve avoided it if the doctor only listened to you.

It’s the same old story: the pain is enough proof that something’s not right. You visit the doctor countless times, hoping for relief or a solution to your condition. But instead of offering a cure, they shake their heads and say, “It’s only in your head.”

Meanwhile, the pain becomes more unbearable. In serious cases, it results in life-threatening issues — all because the doctor insisted the pain was just a figment of your imagination.

CRPS Denial and Misdiagnosis: What Gives?

According to some of Los Angeles’ expert CRPS attorneys, medical denial or misdiagnosis occurs due to poor understanding of the condition. Different patients come with different degrees of pain and symptoms; some of the CRPS claims, doctors say, are psychosomatic in nature.

In some cases, doctors hesitate to prescribe treatment for pain they cannot “see.” This results from the fact that many in the medical community remain clueless about CRPS. Denial also happens when the doctor refuses to believe their surgery triggered the nightmare.

Whatever the scenario is, a number of patients suffer from the pain of CRPS without receiving treatment because their doctors insist it’s just in their head.

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That should not be the case.

Determining Your Case

The law is very clear with CRPS cases: if the patient develops the condition due to the negligence of medical professionals, they can file a CRPS lawsuit. When the doctor refuses to treat you due to psychosomatic or other unreasonable claims, which results in the severity of your pain, their actions immediately fall under misdiagnosis.

Proving medical negligence may be difficult; one of the best ways to gain the odds is by comparing the defendant to other medical professionals of similar specialization. It’s all about proving that your CRPS incident worsened due to the doctor’s misdiagnosis.

Also, hiring a CRPS lawyer gets you through the nitty-gritty aspects of the case. Don’t just hire any attorney — hire someone who completely understands your case.

When it comes to CRPS, it’s never “just in your head.” Rather than regret it in the end, always ask a second (or more) opinion from other doctors.