Involved in an Auto Accident? Here’s What You Should Do

Car AccidentNobody wants to be involved in an accident and as careful as we are whenever we are driving down the road, sometimes there are those odd moments when we just can’t escape a difficult situation. 

We learn from the day we started driving that no appointment, date, or reason to hurry is more important than our life and the lives of everyone else driving the same roads as us, but accidents still occur and the best way to deal with it is to file an insurance claim and get our lives back on track.

So what things should you do if you find yourself involved in (hopefully, non-fatal) a car accident?

1. Stay. It doesn’t matter how small the damages are or how little the accident is, whatever happens, do not leave the scene. In fact, in some cities like Springfield, IL, it’s even considered a felony to leave without first checking with other involved parties and exchanging information.

2. Call the police. Yes, even if it is an incredibly minor accident, it’s always important to file a police report right away. Doing so helps you say your side of the story and prevents other parties from twisting the truth. A police investigation will also help your insurance company with information should you file a claim after.

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3. Take pictures. Bring out your phone’s camera and document the damages done to your car, the other car, any properties or structures involved, and any and all relevant information. This will help you and the other party file insurance claims afterwards.

4. File a claim right away. If your provider has apps that allow you to do this quickly, do it. The best time to file for an insurance claim is within minutes of an accident. All pertinent information will be handy and whoever is involved are accessible right away. If you believe that it will help, consulting with an auto accident attorney can also provide you with additional steps to make this as less of a hassle than it already is.

We always take precaution whenever we are driving to avoid any untoward incident, but should bad luck befall on you, it’s important to keep a level head and have a plan to follow. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future.