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Keeping Your Kids From Feeling Guilty, Rejected, and Hopeless During Your Divorce

When parents divorce, there’s a great chance that the children would feel alone and abandoned as their sense of security starts to fall apart. They might even think that their parents don’t love them anymore. If divorce is inevitable in your family, it is best to help your children adjust to the changes that are about to happen in their lives. Below are some of the feelings they would need help dealing with:


At first, your child will be in denial since they’re still hoping that the situation is temporary. Once they learn that no reconciliation will take place, they will start to feel hopeless. Comfort your kids by explaining to them that some things will not change despite the situation. Assure them that they will still enjoy a loving relationship with you.


Young children of divorced parents may feel guilty because, as young as they are, they would blame themselves for whatever’s happening to their family. To keep them from carrying this heavy burden, explain to them carefully and patiently that they don’t have anything to do with the divorce. If possible, try telling them about the real reason for your marriage’s breakdown.


When one of the parents move, the children may feel abandoned and rejected. Ease their worries by talking to them about visitation arrangements. It’s natural that they may still feel bad, but talking to them can give an assurance that they can still see their parents. If you are not sure how to explain these matters to your children, Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne recommends asking the help of a family lawyer in Colorado Springs for advice.

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Being loving, truthful, and reassuring can make a huge difference in helping your children deal with the sudden changes in your family life. The important thing to do is to make every effort to restore their sense of stability and show them that you, and your ex, still care.