a lawyer talking to an injured client

Making Your Case: Working with a Lawyer in an Accidental Injury Case

One brain injury case can never be the same as another. They differ depending on the nature of injuries sustained. If you aren’t careful, you might not be able to detect some severe injuries and fail to include them in your claim. Such a mistake could mean you live with your problems for the rest of your life. Here are the secrets to help you get the most out of a brain injury settlement.

Prepare adequate evidence.

The court decision depends on the strength of the evidence you bring on the table. You need to take photos and video evidence of the accident scene and the injuries you sustained. You should also contact witnesses so that your lawyer can collect statements from them and use them to prepare your case.

Contact the owners of any business establishments near the area to check if they have any surveillance cameras that might have captured the scene of the accident. You can use them as verifiable and untampered video evidence.

Don’t accept the first offer.

It can be tempting to agree to a settlement immediately. However, your injury attorney in a city like Los Angeles might not help you get the best deal or settlement that you deserve. Your lawyer can raise the issue of the short and long-term implications of a brain injury. But a rushed decision could mean that long-term damages are not covered in your settlement.

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Get medical treatment.

Sometimes the evidence you collect at the accident scene may not be acceptable. A qualified doctor should verify the evidence. Therefore, you should consider seeing a physician to assess your damages and provide a report and the treatment required. All of these should factor into your settlement.

Winning your brain injury claim would require getting a fair settlement at the end of your case. However, it’s not a walk in the park, especially if you don’t hire an injury lawyer.