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Medical Malpractice: Know If You Have a Case

When a doctor makes an error in diagnosing and treating an illness, it raises a lot of questions. The situation can become worse if a patient is seriously hurt or suffers serious side effects during treatment. There are instances when the question of medical malpractice can be raised; however, you need to determine if there is any evidence that points to such a situation.

Determining a case

There is a lot more to a malpractice case than just a mistake on the part of a doctor or health care professional. A good medical malpractice lawyer in the Springfield, Illinois area will help you with establishing evidence of a case and then to file a lawsuit. The experts at Noll Law Office explain that you need to consider the following factors:

There should be evidence of the existence of a relationship between patient and doctor

The doctor should have treated the patient. This treatment should include diagnosis, treatment, and even failure to treat based on set medical standards.

There should be evidence of negligence

The doctor’s treatment should have presented quantifiable harm to the patient as a result of negligence. If you find evidence that this took place and the harm is provable, you could hire a lawyer to help you prove your case. You could hire another doctor to prove that care was not up to expectations, even though a doctor might have met the “standards of care”.

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Questions to ask your Attorney

If you are considering filing a case, you can talk to a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice. Most lawyers will take a case based on its merits and a contingency basis. There are some questions that you should ask, besides just the fee structure.

  • If I get treated in another state, can I still file a case in my home state?
  • Is there a time limit for filing a lawsuit?
  • What can I do if I realize the mistakes made by my caregiver years after my treatment?

Medical malpractice is a traumatic event for the patients and their families. Malpractice cases can be hard to prove as well, so it is important to get a lawyer with lots of experience in this field.