Serious Crimes: Classes of Felony

Classes of Felony Crimes in JacksonvilleFelony, categorized as the most serious type of offenses, can be either violent or non-violent. Those who are found guilty of this offense may face incarceration for at least a year in a prison facility instead of a local jail establishment. Crime fines may also be imposed, resulting in thousands of dollars.

States in the US classify felonies, depending on the severity of the offense and punishment. Some states classify felonies by alphabet, while others by a numerical level. Some jurisdictions, however, follow a hybrid class or level system and do not have a classification. 

Class A Felony (Level 1)

Criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, IL note that offenses labeled as Class A or level 1 are the most serious crimes. A person found guilty of Class A felony may face life imprisonment. The punishment of this type of felony may vary from state to state, but includes a lengthy prison sentence and large monetary fines in general.

Those who are convicted of Class A Felony may also have additional penalties if the crime involved a minor. Repeat offenders may also receive severe punishment. If the jurisdiction allows, offenders may also be sentenced to death penalty.

Class B and Other Classifications

Crimes classified as Class B are also serious, but not as serious as Class A. The punishment is not as severe as the sentence for Class A felony, but may also include imprisonment. The length of incarceration may depend on whether there are sentencing enhancements. A person may be imprisoned beyond the original point sentence if they use a deadly weapon, or committed a hate crime or gang crime.

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Less serious felonies are considered class C, D, or E. Class C, for instance, include offense like involuntary manslaughter, which is a type of homicide wherein the accused did not mean to commit the crime. The jail time for these charges can be between five and 10 years.

Felony charges have extremely serious punishments. This is why it is advisable to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine the right defense available.