A crime scene investigation

Skills You Need to Be a Good Criminal Investigator

Every day, you hear about crimes and how they threaten a neighborhood. Yours might be no different. It’s probably why you considered being a criminal investigator in the first place.

Anyone can enroll in a criminal investigators training program, but it takes certain skills for you to thrive in this career. To begin with, you should have these qualities:

1. Attentiveness

You’ll be dealing with evidence and information that might not make sense at first glance. You might have to come back to them after you encounter more pieces of evidence. Even when you are not staring at them, you should remember pertinent details about the evidence you’ve found relating to the crime.

You should also be quick in thinking about relationships that exist between pieces of evidence. These will help you figure out how the crime happened and which details are important.

2. Resourcefulness

What if you face a situation that didn’t give you plenty of time to prepare? You found fingerprints, but you don’t have gloves to handle them without leaving your own set of prints. And you don’t have an evidence bag to store them in. These are basic elements every investigator should remember.

3. Cautiousness

You should be careful in handling evidence to keep it relevant to the case. You should be careful even with the way you talk to people, so you don’t reveal too much and give the suspect a reason to run away.

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You should also be careful when transporting evidence, and even when you’re doing something else, you should know how to keep the details of the case to yourself.

The first step to being a criminal investigator is taking the required classes for it. The next step is practicing what you learned and honing your skills.