The Coaching You Need Regarding Child Custody and Rights

Child Custody in QueenslandDivorces are always emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. However, there are always many circumstances that already require not only this need for separation between a couple but the nullification of their marriage, too. And when this time comes for you and your spouse, you also have child custody and visitation rights to think about.

This is why you should choose a QLD family law specialist that not only has a lengthy experience in divorces, but also the custody and visitation rights aspects.

Quick facts about divorces in Australia and Queensland

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) cites, there were 46,498 divorce cases filed in 2014. In fact, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) cites Queensland as the leading state when it comes to divorces. This fact comes from a ten-year study conducted by AMP NATSEM Modern Family report in 2013. The report further cites that in every 1,000 marriages, 25 of them end up with a divorce.

The aftermath of a divorce

This sad, but unfortunate truth regarding divorces, caused by many different factors, results in a roller coaster of emotions not only for the couple but their children as well. In a family about to break up, a divorce actually causes the most impact on children.

This is the primary reason why you and your spouse should not just consider the two of you, but your kids, too. It is extremely important that you think about their feelings and well-being when you decide to get a divorce.

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The parenting arrangements

According to the Queensland Government, the goal of family law, especially when it comes to parenting arrangements, is to prioritise the children’s best interest and well-being.

The agreement on custody and visitation rights depends on a lot of factors, but it all boils down to the overall welfare of the children.