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Three Inquiries to Make Before Hiring an International Business Lawyer

Have you thought about expanding your business operations abroad? International business lawyers could be very helpful. They mainly handle business concerns that revolve around other sovereign countries. Your legal representative could represent or advocate for your best interests. Below are three paramount questions to ask your international trade attorney before committing to a service.

What Is Your Level of Skill?

International business law is intricate. This is mainly because a lawyer would need to be highly knowledgeable about the policies, legislation and agreements that touch on business matters within different countries. Without this information, they cannot offer help that is meaningful to you. Try and know as much as you can about the training and experience of a potential attorney. The most highly skilled lawyers have studied not only comparative law but also global economics.

How Long Have You Been In Practice?

Specialized knowledge through years of training would come as an added advantage when dealing with any legal tussle. Think of the complexities involved when dealing with franchise agreements, intellectual property and service contracts. You cannot afford to ignore the fact that you are likely to be better off relying on experienced lawyers. It pays to find out whether a potential attorney has prior experience in your trade.

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Do You Have Dealings That Can Cause Conflicts of Interests?

International business lawyers deal with people from all corners of the globe. You, therefore, must not rule out the chances of a particular attorney having some ties with opposing parties in your case. Don’t relay sensitive information just yet. Find out first if there are chances of a conflict of interest.

You must interview lawyers who interest you. Ask not only about their competencies but also about their values and approaches. It also pays to find who would be handling your case and what to expect from the legal process ahead. Additionally, ask about the rates of a service and the billing methods used.