Treat Your Staff Like Stars and Get the Productivity You Deserve: Here’s How

Employee Lawsuit in New ZealandIf you treat your staff as if they don’t matter, you may end up with an employment lawsuit, such as a personal grievance, that you didn’t want in the first place. A personal grievance lawsuit is not easy to go through. It’s stressful and can drain your company’s and personal funds.

You had better get your act together for the good of the company. You can avoid a personal grievance in NZ if you treat your employees well. Here are some ways how:

No Unjustifiable Decisions

An employee can file a personal grievance case against you or your company if you or any of your representatives do any of the following:

Unjustifiable dismissal. Whether you kindly dismissed your staff or not, you can still be subject to an employment lawsuit. You can’t fire a person just because of poor performance or any reasons you might think of.

This also means that your standard of reasonable and fair dismissal will be measured.

Unjustifiable change in job status. You can’t just decide to have an employee work long hours. They can refuse your demands if they feel like they are at a disadvantage.

No Personal Judgments

Your employees have their rights. You shouldn’t judge them based on their race, colour, religious belief, age, family status, political opinion, sexual orientation, and other personal choices. Otherwise, you may end up with a personal grievance lawsuit.

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You employed your staff based on their knowledge, value, and professional experience. You shouldn’t look at their personal choices as something that can affect their work and professionalism.

No Sexy Times

Never suggest any topic that is sexual in nature. Never make actions that can imply inappropriate physical contact.

Sexual advances are a big no-no in the corporate world. Professionalism should be maintained at all times, at all levels.

By doing these tips, you can protect yourself from employment lawsuits and your employees can work better.