When and Why You Need an Attorney

When and Why to Call a LawyerIn a perfect world, nobody would need legal help. But this is not a perfect world, and from time to time anybody may find that they need the services of a lawyer to help them navigate a variety of legal concerns.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Lawyers, for regulatory reasons, never refer to themselves as experts or authorities, but they have the education, training, and experience other people do not have when it comes to the law. You may think, for example, that you are perfectly capable of defending yourself in court if someone pressed criminal charges against you. That may be true, but an attorney can defend you better; this is, after all, what they do for a living and what they are typically passionate about. In medieval times, in the absence of witnesses, disputes were sometimes settled by combat. People sometimes chose a champion to fight in their stead. Today that practice is no longer legal or possible. Instead, you hire a lawyer because they know how to fight a case better.

When Should You Call a Lawyer?

Not for every argument you have with a neighbor over their dog, that’s for sure. Call a lawyer if you are at risks of being taken to jail, such as if you are caught for drunk driving or someone files a criminal charge against you. Any situation that may curtail your freedom is an occasion to pick up the phone.

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Another reason to talk to your lawyer is if you or someone you love is injured, or if you have injured someone. People get injured under different circumstances, from being attacked by another person to suffering trauma or a more serious injury while on the operating table. In a case, for example, of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, lawyers can help you build a case against those responsible. RSD — which causes pain, vasomotor dysfunction of an extremity, and swelling — often results from surgery or trauma.

Some other instances that require an attorney’s help include divorce, child custody, estate planning, and work disputes. Before signing a contract, it is also best to have your lawyer present. If a contractor is in breach of a contract, or if someone has slandered you, that is also an occasion for legal help. If you are unsure but still feel that you might need legal help, talk to a lawyer. They would know better.