Oil and gas drilling rig site

When Neglect Leads to Accidents in Oilfields

Oilfields are inherently more hazardous than other work environments. As an oilfield employee, you face physically-heavy work, the risk of fire and explosion, the risk of falls, trips, and slips, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and confined spaces. Companies implement safety procedures and you will wear personal protective equipment (PPE). In some cases, such measures are not enough to prevent an accident while in others, poor practices and cost-cutting policies lead to injuries and lost lives.

You can file a personal injury claim when an incident causes you to lose time at work or leave you permanently unable to work. The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska adds that pursuing legal action is also one way to prevent future accidents and making companies and other responsible parties pay to ensure safety for other workers.

Neglect Leads to Disaster

Ignoring work safety regulations is not just illegal but also costly for businesses. Yet some companies still find a way to get around regulations to cut corners, hoping to meet production without spending more.

In 2010, the Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s negligence caused a massive explosion in San Bruno, resulting in a fine of $1.6 billion. But the company’s dismal safety record is not the only factor that caused the incident. Authorities also point to a lack of monitoring on the part of the Public Utilities Commission and its questionable relationship with the company it’s supposed to oversee.

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What Companies and Workers Can Do

Oilfield safety is everyone’s job because it concerns everyone on-site. Companies need to implement safety measures and ensure that employees like you follow protocol, from wearing PPE to knowing relevant guidelines. Businesses should also conduct adequate training and perform system security checks to identify hazards and resolve them right away.

Most of all, regulating agencies need to do their jobs of overseeing oil and gas companies. With businesses, regulators, and employees doing their part to secure an inherently dangerous workplace, incidents need not lead to lost wages and lives.