a lesbian couple signing divorce papers

When Same-Sex Families Have to Deal with Divorce and Child Custody Issues

Same-sex couples undergo the same difficulties and issues associated with divorce. When a relationship breaks down, members of the LGBT community must aspire to gain the confidence and wisdom of Albuquerque divorce attorneys who are experts in family law and have had previous experience working with same-sex couples.

Divorce matters

Mediation is the best option for couples who are not married and have decided to part ways. Resolution can be reached quicker this way. Couples can go their separate ways amicably. For married LGBT couples, it is necessary to deal with custody and child support as well as division and property and debt through legal channels.

Heterosexual couples and same-sex couples go through the same legal procedures when they decide to file for a divorce. However, if the couple resides in a state, that does not allow LGBT unions; they have to move back to the state where they got married, or to another state where they can process the divorce. In the latter case, a residency requirement must be fulfilled, which is usually a six-month period.

Status: It’s complicated

Splitting couples go through a lot when it is time to go their separate ways. For same-sex couples, there may be additional concerns arising that complicate matters even more. Parental rights may not be specific and clear-cut in certain states.

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Litigation is costly, and matters regarding child support may take a long time to discuss and resolve. Child custody is one of the most complicated issues divorcing same-sex couples have to face.

Child custody advice

In dealing with child-related issues, divorcing couples and their legal aides must do everything in their power to protect the children involved. It is best to avoid a custody battle in a court of law. This is more likely to harm a child emotionally, especially if he or she becomes involved in the proceedings.

Same-sex couples can save themselves and their children a great deal of distress if they have the right legal support in a divorce settlement.