husband and wife going for a divorce

When to Get a Divorce

Divorce remains one of the most traumatic family issues today. Many couples consider it as a last resort, but the sad and unfortunate truth is, there are many instances when dissolving one’s marriage is in the best interests of those involved.

What are these situations then? There are several, according to, and if you find your marriage fits into any of them, don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a Colorado Springs divorce attorney. Here’s what you should know about these cases.

Why consider a divorce in the first place

Having an irretrievably broken marriage is enough reason to get a divorce. Choosing to stay in a dysfunctional relationship will take a toll on the well-being of everyone involved. It won’t make sense to continue a marriage when there’s apparent lack of affection or respect between the two people involved.

A divorce will help both you and your spouse have the chance to meet other people, and possibly find someone else to share your life.

When a marriage already warrants dissolution

An irretrievably broken marriage can also mean having an abusive relationship. Neglect or abuse is something you should not tolerate and allow to happen, especially when you have kids. If you have an abusive spouse, it’s time to leave the relationship as it’s your life and well-being on the line.

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Another reason to get a divorce is when one spouse lied about their status, sexuality, criminality and even financial assets to their partner. In such situations, the court sees it as a case of fraud, and so could be reason enough for a divorce.

While it’s true that it won’t hurt to try to save a marriage, this doesn’t apply to all marriages, especially those who have experienced serious neglect and abuse.