Couple Turning Their Back on Each Other

Why Do Couples Get Divorced? 5 of the Most Common Reasons

You’ve probably heard someone say it, or read it somewhere, that half the marriages in America end in divorce. Now that your own marriage has been hitting rough patch after rough patch, you wonder why many people can’t seem to make it work.

Divorce attorneys in Denver, CO, share some of the most common reasons married couples get divorced.

The Wrong Reason for Marrying

Maybe your friends and family kept telling you that yours was a match made in heaven. Or you lived together for a few years and ignored the problems that kept coming because you had both invested time and money in the relationship. Whatever you did or didn’t do that made you think it was right, is probably not the right reason; so now you’re contemplating divorce.

He or She Completes You

It may have sounded perfect on Jerry Maguire, but if you need someone to complete who you are, you’re already in trouble. Married couples should complement each other, but they don’t have to be codependent. Losing your own identity because you are identified only as one-half of a partnership is neither healthy nor a promise of good days to come.

Expectations Are Set Too High

She may have looked like the perfect wife type, or he may have given you fantasies of a knight in shining armor. Unrealistic expectations are impossible to meet, and when your own expectations of each other are like that, you will end up getting disappointed all the time. It’s only a matter of time until you’re fed up and thinking about getting divorced.

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More money means more problems; lack of money means even more problems. If you keep fighting over money, to the point that it’s all you ever talk or think about, you know you’re in the relationship for the wrong reasons.


Actually, infidelity is only a reflection of all other problems you may have in your marriage. There is something you are not getting out of your marriage, or at least that’s how you feel about it, so you try to fill the void – imaginary or not – by hooking up with someone else.

People get divorced for plenty of reasons, but these examples are perhaps the most common. Whatever is causing the strain in your relationship, when you start thinking about divorce, it’s likely that your marriage is no longer working.